Low Rate Visa Credit Card

Low rate. Low stress.

If you've been spending more than you thought on your credit card, our Beyond Bank Low Rate Credit Card could be the answer.
It offers you:

  • 0% on balance transfers for 12 months¹
  • Up to 62 interest-free days on new purchases.²

This means you won’t pay any interest on the balance you transfer until next year after which your balance will transfer to our low purchase rate, so managing your credit should be a whole lot easier. Apply for our Visa Card today and start enjoying the benefits.

0% on Balance Transfers¹

on purchases

Low rate. Low stress.

Enjoy the benefits of our Low Rate Credit Card. Transfer your existing balances from other credit card providers and save with our balance transfer offer. You can also pay less interest with an ongoing interest rate on purchases that is lower than the major banks’ low rate credit cards, and up to 62 interest free days available on purchases.

Beyond Bank is a mutual bank, which means profits are passed on to our customers and used to support community projects. Join the bank that gives back.


  • Balance transfers. Get a discounted interest rate for transferring your balances from other credit card providers
  • Up to 62 days interest-free on retail purchases2
  • AutoPay. You can choose to automatically pay a set amount, the minimum monthly payment or the total balance every month
  • Wave and go with Visa payWave. Make purchases under $100 by simply waving your card against the PayPass terminal
  • Credit limits starting from $1,000
  • Smart Chip Protection. Increase your security and reduce your exposure to counterfeiting, card skimming, and other fraud with a smart chip
  • Visa Zero Liability Policy. Visa protects your card information 24/7. You won’t be held liable for unauthorised purchases made with your card or account information
  • Verified by Visa. Visa checks it’s you making the purchase
  • Up to 4 additional cardholders, free of charge
  • Add your card to your phone and other devices to make fast and easy transactions, almost anywhere you shop with and Apple Payand Google Pay.º 

Balance Transfers.

  • 0% p.a. for 12 months on Balance Transfers completed in the first month after card funding.¹



Interest rates are current as at 15/10/2019.

0% for 12 months on balance transfers¹

Terms and conditions, fees and charges and normal lending criteria apply and are available on request. The advice is general and you should consider if it is suitable for you. For full terms, conditions, fees and charges please view our Terms & Conditions and Fees and Charges Guide.

¹ Offer available for a limited time on new and approved Low Rate Credit Cards. Offer is only available on balances transferred from non-Beyond Bank credit or store cards, minimum balance transfer of $500 applies. Offer must be requested by you within one month of the date your credit card has been funded.  After the balance transfer period any remaining balance will revert to the interest rate for purchases, to view the current rate click here.

² Interest free periods on purchases do not apply if you do not pay your closing balance (which includes any balance transfer) shown on your credit card statement for the current and previous statement periods in full by the applicable due date.

º Payments using Google Pay are available for NFC enabled phones running on Android Lollipop 5.0 or above.

³ Apple Pay works with iPhone 6 and later in stores, apps and websites in Safari; with Apple Watch in stores and apps; with iPad Pro, iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 3 and later in apps and websites; and with Mac in Safari with an Apple Pay enabled iPhone 6 or later or Apple Watch. For a list of compatible Apple Pay devices, see https://support.apple.com/km207105

Apple, the Apple logo, Apple Pay, Apple Watch, iPad, iPhone, Mac, Safari,  and Touch ID are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.

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