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Beyond Bank’s Business Bank Accounts aim to increase your wealth with a range of interest rate options, no monthly account keeping fees and flexible, everyday access to your money. Get in touch with Beyond Bank today for all your business account needs.
As a mutual bank, we put our customers first. Our profits go towards our customers and communities – not share market investors. We offer you lower fees, lower lending rates, higher investments rates, better banking products and support for community projects. Join the Bank that gives back.

No monthly account keeping fees.

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Flexible account options

  • A range of interest rate options to maximise the return on your cash
  • No monthly account fees and low transaction fees.

A simple everyday business banking account. This flexible, business transaction account offers tiered interest rates and no monthly account fee.

Confidently manage your business’s GST payments with Beyond Bank’s Business  GST Payment Account. This account helps businesses manage their GST payments separately from their everyday transactions

The best option for surplus business funds. The monEsaver is a high-interest at call savings account with flexible and free  access to funds through  internet, mobile and telephone banking. It’s the smart way to maximise surplus cash when it is not needed in day to day business operations, with the flexibility to withdraw anytime.

The easy way to support the community. Local community groups and charities will benefit when you hold funds in the Community Reward Account. Beyond Bank provides an annual community payment to eligible groups based on the balances held in the Community Reward Account. It won’t cost your business a thing.

Batch payments.

Quick video guide.

Business Banking batch processing.

Creating a batch when two signing authorities required.

Batch payment email notifications.

Processing a batch payment with accounting software.

Stay on top of your finances with Award Winning Internet and Mobile Banking.

For the four year in a row we have been named Canstar’s Customer Owned Institution of the Year for Mobile & Online Banking!

Business Banking FAQs.

Business Banking

Business Banking is a section within Internet Banking which enables you to process 'batch' transactions.

Batch transactions allow you to process multiple payments within one transaction. The Business Banking Guide will assist you in navigating the Business Banking system and processing both manual and Cemtex batches within our online platform. Download the guide here.


Yes. There are different levels of authority within business banking:

  • Full Access – allows members to view, create, update (edit), approve and submit a batch.
  • View Only – will disable batch access in business banking. Members will be able to only view existing batches and not perform any functions in business banking.
  • Create and Update – allows members to view, create, update (edit) a batch but not approve, delete or submit.
  • Create, Update and Approve – allows members to view, create, update (edit), delete and approve a batch, but not submit a batch.

This can define relationships and allows members to assign business banking authority controls based on account relationships. For example, “Full Access” for company directors and “Create and Update” for accountants/finance departments etc…

Before acquiring the product, you should consider if it is right for you. For full terms, conditions, fees and charges please view our Financial Services Guide, Product Guide and Fees and Charges Guide. These guides are available upon request, can be viewed on our website and will be provided at the time of acquiring the product. Interest rates are subject to change without notice.

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